March 10, 2009

Going out

Earrings: Bijou Brigitte, pendant: Vintage

Dress: GAP

Blazer: Only, Shawl: Vintage
I went out with my friends to eat in a restaurant
last week, so I put quite some effort into my outfit:
Of late I am really crazy about pinning my hair up!
this time I did it without a special cushion and had it
decorated with little red roses^^. The necklace
actually is from the Tropical Museum in Amsterdam,
Netherlands (I went there in February this year).

After all there is a story behind the new red
chandelier earrings: I fell in love with them in the
BB-online shop and waited for them to appear
in the stores...without success. So I printed
their picture out and asked for them in the
store. The answer was: 'No, we don't have them.
We will never. We cannot order them.' But here
it comes: as I left the store I suddenly saw them
innocently hanging there! The shop assistant
(slightly embarrassed) told me they were coming
in this morning and she could not remember hanging
them up!^^So here we go: my new chandeliers and I!


PS.: The food was delicious, I had Italian pasta
with salmon, shrimps and cream spinach.

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