March 30, 2009


What could it become?

I went to a huge crafts supply store today to buy the things
depicted above (felt, pearls) ...what could I be planning to
do with them? You'll find out in a couple of days^^ (if it works out).

After work I went to one of my favourite coffeehouses with my dear friend K to have white ice chocolate. We did not see each other for some time, so I was happy to meet up with her! Afterwards I was delighted to rummage in the crafts store, because it gives you so much inspiration how to express your creativity and I have got the feeling that I see something new everytime I go there! What inspires you?


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  1. That sounds like a nice day because I like taking my friend out and I'm sure that you will made something nice especialy if there's felt pearls involved ps:hope it goes well


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