March 14, 2009

New Basics

Top: Orsay, Earrings: Madonna, Bag: Mango (MNG)

Hi^^. I am happy that my new bag arrived today from ebay!
My first Mango bag was from Spain and eversince I like their
bags, because they are of good quality and easily match with
everything^^. The top is also new and I am in love with the
bright colour which reminds me of spring and beautiful
cherry blossoms! :)
Since last autumn I took a liking for turtlenecks and have quite
a few now. During the cold weather period I prefer them to
pullovers, because they are often to warm for me.
On Thursday a friend told me that she actually finds turtlenecks
ugly and I thought about her critique and decided that I will keep
wearing them, because they are just my favourite basic pieces!!

By the way I eat too many marzipan eggs (Easter is coming) and
I enjoy to listen to this song the whole day all and all over again:
'Just Dance' by Lady Gaga!

Lilly :)


  1. You can never eat too many marzipan eggs!! Incidentaly, Mango is a real high street brand in the UK so it's really interesting to find that elsewhere in the world it's seen as a 'find', it's pretty cheap too so have a look on ebay UK sites and you'll pick up some bargains!MH

  2. Lily! just seen you commented on my blog, how lovely to be your first comment, the first of many I think, welcome to the blogosphere! Much love MH


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