March 29, 2009

Still ill

Happy Sunday everyone^^,

the sun is shining outside and the birds
are singing...but I decided to stay in bed the whole day, because I am still ill with a cold. Why do they always have to be so persistent? By the way I have an exam tomorrow morning, so this means learning, too.
But I'll stop lamenting, because I spent a really nice weekend and got to see many friends, so this makes up for it. On Saturday morning I was lucky enough to be spoilt with delicious pancakes (Marry me, M!) for breakfast^^.
The bed on the picture is from Laura Ashley. If you have never heard of her before, be sure to check out her collections! She is famous for her romantic dresses and splendid interior styles. Hopefully I'll be okay again soon,

Lilly *sneeze*

PS.: I love having muffins^^ (chocolate or caramel), especially for breakfast. For F's birthday on March the 16th I bought Swedish lemon cream muffins:

Swedish lemon cream muffins

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  1. That bed is gorgeous. If only I could create such a bed in my room.


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