March 16, 2009

Summer in Venice

Piazza San Marco in Venice
Katherine Hepburn as Jane Hudson
Jane on a date with Renato

Hi^^. Yesterday evening I watched "Summertime"
by David Lean, a film from 1955. It takes place in Italy
and narrates the story of Jane Hudson who travels to
Venice to explore the city. There she meets Renato
and falls in love with him, but then she discovers that
he is married and decides to leave Venice
broken-hearted without him...

The setting and the costumes were amazing, like in
a fairy-tale dream! I have been to Venice with my
family when I was a child and the magic of this
'city on the water' with the doves and golden lions
mysteriously casts a spell over everybody who gets
there! I hope I can go back there again^-^.
Todays the birthday of a dear friend of mine and
I am rushing off soon, so I wish everybody
a good time, see you soon...

Lilly :)

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Thank you very much for your comment!
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Lilly Rose