October 22, 2009

Dirndlpunk ROCKS

Pink butterfly dirndl from Angelika Zwerenz. (Source)

Germany is internationally famous for its Munich 'Oktoberfest'. Traditionally people dress up in their festive clothes, which is normally 'Dirndl' for women and 'Lederhosen' for men. So if you want to join the fun at Oktoberfest with German beer, real pretzels and chocolate fruits; be sure to take a look at the trend label DIRNDLPUNK by Angelika Zwerenz to be properly styled!

They produce cute and fashionable dresses! Their models are called "Made in heaven", "Lov
e, Peace and Happiness", "Peacock dream", "Black Havanna" and "Rock me Baby". Check out her webshop for more! I cannot decide whether I like the pink or the violet dirndl better, whatever, they are all desirable. Have you heard of Oktoberfest before or saw somebody in a dirndl?
Lovely greetings and golden autumn days,

Lilly :D

EDIT: I feel like I have to clarify this: With 'dress up' I am refering to people who take on traditional cloting. The pieces in this post are not meant for costume partys or Halloween! They are a modern interpretation of the traditional, festive German clothes for people during the last centuries. Something we would describe as a specific "folklore", mostly worn by people in Southern Germany until the 19th century. Today it is only worn to occasions like the Oktoberfest or other native celebrations.

PPS: I have my own dirndl, too...but this is shown at another time ;).

Oktoberfest - a famous and very huge fair in Germany! (Source)

I like the rose in her hair and the glitter cross! (Source)
Mmmh...tasty, sweet chocolate bananas!! (Source)

Fine pretzels and cold beer^^(Source). Snowwhite-fairy-tale-Style! (Source)

Men in traditional 'Lederhosen'. (Source) Dirndlpunk will design for men shortly!

Lovely lilac snowflake angel winter dress (Source).


  1. Cool! I learned something new today! Those chocolate bananas look delicious! xoxoxxo

  2. Boa ne, das ist ja furchtbar. Sorry for my german xD Aber... die Bananen hättest auch lassen können, die wirken ein wenig deplaziert, vor allem, weil die aussehen, wie... Sommerschlussverkauf auf der Reeper Bahn! *rofl* Tut mir Leid, ich kann grad nicht mehr vor Lachen *wipe tears out of eyes*

  3. Those are cute! Way better than the tacky costume-in-a-bag versions. :)

  4. This is really cool! It doesn't look "costumey" at all! I agree with Jen :)

  5. they are so pretty, I'd love to see someone wear parts of the dirndl with some edgy contemporary pieces or something, that would be really awesome!

  6. Hi everyone,

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    Lilly Rose