October 20, 2009

Everything's changing

Lilly wears: (jacket orsay, pullover+tights CA, boots varese, bonnet HM, skirt vintage)

Delicious: Schnitzel with mozzarella and tomatoes.

So far this week consumed all my attention to organise things and I kept thinking: I want to blooog^^. Okay, so here we go! My little journey on the train was relaxing and I hope to be traveling again soon! (If it were not for packing before you can leave!!). Above is my first schnitzel: I have been vegetarian since I was seven and started eating little meat pieces only this spring...eating this schnitzel really was a major sensation to everybody^^. Since Sunday I am deeply concerned, because somebody close to me is in hospital after a severe accident. Hopefully everything will turn out to be okay again *sob*. Moreover, I feel hurt but I cannot exactly tell were that feeling comes from. Confusing days...
Lilly (thoughtful)

SONG: Avril Lavigne Mobile

Injured (Source). Please get well soon E.!

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