October 13, 2009

Made in Heaven

Sweet advert from Nokia, reblogged from Jenny.

This advert captured my heart at an instant! Who invented this must have been really into cookies^^. And I like the warm telling voice of the old woman. This spot motivates me to plan an extensive cookie baking session in December! Supplying colourful, sweet decoration and lots of sugar pearls!! When was the last time you baked cookies?
Love, Lilly :D

PS.: Today I received a postcard from Croatia. The date stamp is from 20th August...seems to have been lingering around quite a while^^.


  1. Heyhey =)

    Cookies... Didn't we wanted to make some last year..? I think, we should catch up the baking session this Winter!


  2. Hi Vegi,

    it took me a minute to remember your identity!! Of course we should, we will create the worldst best cookies ever! What about your blog? You are keeping me in suspense! Have you already visited 'Lesekatze'?
    Love, Lilly :D
    PS.: Hoping to comment soon on your own blog!


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