October 8, 2009

Pumpkin & Chestnuts

(Lilly wears: coat: orsay, shawl: etam, rucksack: TCM,
boots: varese, skirt+tights: vintage)

Today the promised outfit pics! The boots are my latest acquirement: Fell in love with 'em at first sight! The red leather backpack is a present from my Mam. I did an autumn walk with my new friend S., who was kind enough to take the pictures! Thank you^^. I like the cracking sound if you step onto an acorn and the glistening chestnuts on the pavement are a sheer joy to look at! I want to bring them all home... Later I had tea with S. and tried her self-made pumpkin soup - delicious!
Enjoy your autumn,

Lilly ;))

SONG: Agnes Carlsson Release me!

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  1. Cute pic, really like your boots and your red bag :DD
    and thank u for visiting our blog;)
    see ya, xx


Thank you very much for your comment!
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Lilly Rose