October 4, 2009

Render to lavender!

hello! stylish office lady
hello! stylish office lady by chrwan featuring Paul Smith

Found this yesterday on polyvore! I like the top and the shoes best. Apparently I am doing well with my former denial of everything shaded in violet! Unfortunately I had to cancel a trip today with Diane to a special book fleamarket...:(. Hopefully I will be fully back for mischief on Monday. During last night I decided upon an update of the blog design. I adore the new header, it is a section of my most favourite picture by famous photographer Tim Walker. The link colours have also been altered to dark blue/turquoise. And I am looking for a new avatar right know. In my opinion, the new design is more suitable for the dark autumn/winter season. That's it for today, look after yourselves to avoid colds (eat vegetables, fruits and that kinda stuff)...
Love, Lilly ;)

This song makes my day: Sugababes Denial.

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  1. I love the header of your blog. I have this lovely Tim Walker picture in my room....!


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