November 8, 2009

Heaven is a place like this

Delightful get-together! (Source).

I am sure Heaven could be a place like the one I have been today: loads of tasty, tasty food and your best friends around to enjoy everything with you! And you just keep eating and eating and eating!! (By the way: Hey KR, gotcha, you lost the buffet battle!!XD). Before you wonder what I am so excited about: this morning we went out to brunch together in a new restaurant and we were all equally sure that it was great enough there to come back! And I ate way way to much...scrambled eggs with mushrooms and ham, waffles with cherries, croissants with chocolate, tomatoes with mozzarella, salmon and fruit...*Happiness*. A further lunch or dinner is not necessary today or I might potentially burst like a balloon! Later I went with Susu for a walk along the river, after twilight already began...the water was covered with coloured leaves and a soft fog rising from the dark water added mystery to the landscape. What a beautiful Sunday, I am really grateful! Love to all of you and have a good start into the next week!

There is nothin' better than breakfast! (Source).

I could not stop...and then I had a sore tummy! (Source).


  1. Hi Lilly,

    This is a lovely post. I really enjoyed reading it. It looks like you had a nice day with your friends.

    Have a great week,

  2. Hi Lilly,
    Yummy that food looks you've made me hungry :) I'm making sushi today so I'm not too jealous haha. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog.



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