November 18, 2009

Rum chocolate and chick peas

Mmmmhh...rice with vegetables cooked from scratch!

JoJo's African tea candle lamp.

Et voilá - Lillys new hair cut! (much shorter)

A few days ago I visited my friend JoJo to cook a pumpkin dish! We were really sad when it turned out to be not available anymore at the shops...So JoJo came up with an new idea and we started a raid in her kitchen and just put together everything we liked!! And WOW, the outcome was tasty and special, because we did not use a recipe! Sometimes those meals turn out to be the best ones! We had something oriental in mind like hummus (=Arabic chick peas dish).
It was rice with dried Italian tomatoes and eggplant together with a delicious chick pea dip!! (and many ingredients more which I gloriously forgot...-.-). I brought Spanish wine and rum chocolate along...perfect girl evening!!^^. Happy news to announce: they kept the ferrets I wrote about here. Let's cook together again soon!


PS: KR did not see any difference in my hair lenght. Men XDD
PPS: Thank you SH for repairing my favourite earring! (the one in the photo)^^


  1. love the haircut! and i love chickpeas too. :)

  2. The food looks yummy!
    Love your hair! It's fab!

  3. loving the hair! oh, my photobucket exceeded it's bandwidth, no need to worry, at least you can see the latest posts!

  4. I wish I was creative enough in the kitchen to just throw things together. Love the hair!


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