November 20, 2009

Style inspiration

Happily I met up today with KR and JS to drink some chocolate at a café^^. During the afternoon I went on a major shopping tour to get the Christmas presents for my brothers (heey, preparation is everything!). After hours and hours I am now satisfied with my finds (cannot share them in case my bros peek into my blog!). This means I can spend the whole December on imagining their happy faces when unwrapping their presents!!! So good^^.
Later I visited Susu and had dinner with her: baguette with herbs and tomatoes with mozzarella. Our plan to work on a calender for December could not be enacted, because we are simply tired to the bones and promised each other to do it next time^^.
For this post, I uploaded a few of my current favourite fashion inspiration! (All pictures belong to H&M). Morrow is going to be a busy day, so I better hurry in my bed as soon as possible!
Love to you all,

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  1. love love love the blouse in the third picture! I really miss h&m. Can you believe that I don't have one near me? i'm dying.


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