November 3, 2009

Thumbs up for armedangels!

Tshirt: 'Goldstueck' (piece of gold) by armedangels.

Looking fashionable and dressing in eco-sustainable clothes has long been a contradiction. Only recently many fashionistas became aware of eco-friendly fashion products and therfore gladly natural clothes are not as expensive anymore. A sparkling location for favourite-to-be-pieces is the online shop of the brand armedangels from Germany, starting in 2006. They provide you with beautiful collections and the recent trends for women, men and children, regarding tshirts, dresses, shoes and bags...basically all you can wish for. In order to convince yourself, take a close look at the outfits from armedangels in this post.

Aside from the main brand, there are several other eco-labels available at their shop: Airbag Craftworks, Beyond Skin, Kuyichi, Speak Up!, Stewart &Brown and Terra Plana (together they form the association armedangels & friends). They use all organic cotton for their products and take care of fairtrade conditions. As you can notice on the tshirt above, a figure of an angel with a bow is their symbol. Armedangels is involved in altogether three charity projects all over the world (e.g. India) and donates one Euro of every sold piece. Special note: They will be selling MJ (Michael Jackson) tshirts in January! (see below). You can visit the official armedangels blog here. If you like anything specific on their shop and you cannot understand German, contact them via the link 'Kontakt' at the very bottom of their page for further details. Which one of the outfits do you fancy most?


EDIT: Breaking news: After I published this post, armedangels contacted me and offered a voucher about 5 Euros to my beloved readers! If you are interested in wearing top eco-friendly stylish fashion from their label, just contact me and I will send you the shopping code via email immediately! Become an armedangel :)

Sailor's longsleeve dress (my favourite piece!).

Pink tshirt: 'Fallen'.

Skirt 'Gertie' by Kuyichi at armedangels.

'Ina Cable' jacket by Stewart&Brown of 100% eco-merino wool.

'Muriel' tie blouse by Stewart&Brown at armedangels.

'Vianna' boots by Terra Plana.

'Forever in our feet' MJ-tshirt. Limited to 300 pieces only, can solely by pre-ordered for next January! Get yours here.

All photos are property of armedangels.


  1. Hi Lilly! Thanks for your comment! I do dress in frilly clothing as much as I can. Which mostly means every day I'm not at work :)


  2. I am so getting that MJ tee right now.


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