December 3, 2009

My very first Christmas Cookies

Proudly showing off...

the most wonderful Christmas cookies ever!

We had music notes, mushrooms, stars and moons.

The kitchen was smelling so sweet^^.

We had black tea with milk and sugar!

Hi my Christmas angels! The holidays are closer every day and I am already finished with my present searching!! It is true, I just need to wrap everything lovely and with lots of ribbons. Additionally I found present cards saying "Get enchanted" with glittering letters^^. Above you see proof of my first Christmas cookies this year! I made them with Susu and her friend E. in Susu's kitchen. We worked with a shortpastry and added red grape juice to the sugar icing (turned out to be all pink^^) and lots of coloured sugar crumbles. The whole event was a great (and tasty) success - we had all three a stomach ache from nibbling the sweet pastry. Afterwards we had fun wildly decorating all cookies with food colouring. Such a happy afternoon^^.
Hopefully you also have the time to bake your own cookies!

Here are my current TOP 5 Christmas songs:
  • Audrey Hannah: It's december
  • Britney Spears: Santa can you hear me?
  • Melanie Thornton: Wonderful dream
  • Cascada: Last Christmas
  • Dave Mellilo: All I want for Christmas



  1. Cute cookies! They look delicious!

    I love Cascada's version of "Last Christmas." Great playlist!

  2. Doesn't the kitchen smell amazing after cookies. I wish it could smell like that all the time. And you're on the old blog roll now!

  3. ahhhhh, I wrote that too quick. your site won't save for some reason. I'll keep trying!

  4. aww looks perfect and delicious (L) congratulations for your first christmas cookies ^^


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