September 30, 2009

Late summer

My current fashion favourites.

Hi^^. Finally, I'll write an outfit post again! My current favourite key piece: the vintage jeans mini. Although I have to admit that the weather changed drastically the last few days and I cannot wear it like last week as depicted above, but I guess that is okay. I enjoyed a warm afternoon of late summer in it and now I just have to add some layers of warm, very warm clothing! Thanks to my friend SH, who had the unexspected pleasure of taking the pictures^^. I absolutely adore his new interior design in his flat, focusing on the combination of white, black and red! (Mayhap I'll ask him for a picture permission).
Love, Lilly :)

PS.: I have a sore throat...awww, I planned so many activities for the weekend...I have to stay healthy!

Lilly's outfit (shirt: orsay, vest+skirt: vintage,
thights: CA, bracelet: HM)

September 28, 2009

Universal chaos

Movie scene from Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009).

Twice a year I throw everything in my room into complete disarray: Seasonal closet change! Nothing is left at its place, you open loads of boxes...say goodbye to your beloved pieces and welcome back old friends! Challenging is the gradually occuring sorting out process. Can I really, really give this piece away for good? And packing up summer dresses makes me sad, because it is the ultimate proof that summer is definitely and uncompromisingly over! And why keeps my closet expanding like crazy? I am not obtaining new clothes that often. I shall need a walk-in cupboard to store all my can dream. I managed it nevertheless! Let's wait for spring for the game to begin anew. So far, everything is in order again.

Love, Lilly :)

September 27, 2009

My sister's keeper

Movie poster of My sister's keeper.

I went with my friend KV to the cinema to see My sister's keeper (2009). The story (based on the bestseller novel by Jodi Picoult) evolves around a young girl -Anna- (Abigail Breslin from Little Miss Sunshine) who was born to save the life of her ill sister Kate (Sofia Vasilieva) with regularly bone marrow donations. Kate suffers from leukaemia. When Anna is eleven years old, her family (Cameron Diaz as mother) exspects her to donate one of her kidneys to her sister. Desperately Anna seeks the help of a lawyer to defend herself from the demands from her family. The movie is of course very tragic and sad, but still with a quiet sense of humour. K. and I decided that it is worth suffering along with the painful experiences of the whole family throughout the film. An unusual movie, which stands out with its serious topic and often poetical pictures.

PS.: Make sure to take somebody with you and have a box with tissues at hand.
PPS.: Jodi Picoults book ends differently than the movie.

The lilac crisis

Beautiful lilac blossoms (Source).

Hi^^. For quite some years I couldn't stand the colour violet. Everything lilac got banned from my closet! I could have never imagined to wear violet ever again...but a little time ago I somehow overcame this lilac crisis with the help of some gorgeous purple heels I saw at a shop. And I had to conclude regretfully that I had nothing to wear with them. Then I thought of all the beautiful things in life that have this mysterious colour: Grapes, plums, huckleberrys, lilac... To put it in a nutshell: last week I bought a pair of rose-shaped purple earrings and a ring and I am planning to go for more...Lovely sunday to all of you^^.
Lilly :))

September 21, 2009

Best meal of the day

Pure Deliciousness!^^ (from of course: breakfast. I noticed that I change my breakfast habits every few months completely. At the moment I am totally into wholemeal toast with mango marmelade and a cup of Japanese green tea (Sencha). Sometimes I add a tasty late summer peach. During breakfast I open the window, breathe the fresh and cool air and enjoy the first sunrays that make me slowly more and more awake. Everything is calm and the new day just started and lies in front of you...I love that! You should try mango marmelade, it tastes like heaven!
Lilly :)

September 18, 2009

Club : Moondoo

Cool party atmosphere at moondoo in Hamburg.

Hi :). Back to blogging! Recently the club 'moondoo' catched my eye. Their interior design is amazing and I would love to go there to celebrate^^. Moondoo is located in the German city Hamburg. Their homepage is: Moondoo. Current favourite song: Evacuate the dance floor by Cascada. And I already found the perfect shoes to go to the club^^:
My favourite shoes for this season!!! by Graceland.