January 27, 2010

How to DIY your own Chanel Jade nail polish

For weeks now I tried to get my hands on Jade coloured nail polish. It just seems that no company except Chanel currently sells some! So I decided to come up with a little experiment to DIY my own Chanel Jade nail polish? Curious? Here is the protocol from Lilly's Lab:

1. Introduction
Jade is one of the most sought after colours at the moment - even Rihanna, Alexa Chung and Rachel Bilson have been spotted wearing it lately. Sadly, it never was on sale in Germany. This experiment tries to introduce a method to create a cheap and easy way to DIY the official Jade Chanel nail polish (see fig.1 below).
Fig. 1: Chanel nail colour #407 Jade (Source).

2. Material and Methods
I used the Rival de Loop Express Colour #04 Jungle Glam and the Rival the Loop Nail Whitener. The green and white colours can be also from alternate companies. Be sure to cover the surface you work on and do not stain yourself or your clothes with it.
Here is the method:
Open the white bottle and apply 2-3 drops of the green. Wait approximately 10 seconds and shake throughly. Then apply more drops. You might need to add up to 10 drops or more, this depends on the shade you are opting for and the size (volume) of your white bottle. Wait for an appropriate time for the colour to disperse, else you could miss the Jade and receive a much darker green. Advice: The procedure has to be very quick, as nail polish is produced to dry quickly when exposed to the air.

3. Result
My result resembles Chanels #407 perfectly. When you wear it on the nails, two layers might be needed.

4. Discussion
The experiment can be described as successful. Errors or mistakes can occur during the mixing, if accidentally two much green is added or the bottles might dry at the air. Overall, a very promising alternative to the expensive Chanel version.

To make the procedure even more clear, watch the official DIY Chanel Jade Video:

[Sorry guys, I put the video out off my channel in early 2013. Making space for new stuff^^].

How to wear Jade nail polish? Below is my favourite outfit combination, which of course can also involve more casual clothes. :)
Evening robe by Otto.
Glamorous jade shoes by Monsoon.

Try it out for yourself and let me know if it worked! I will be happy to hear of your success!


  1. It's a very rare thing that I'm laughting loudly in front of my pc, but your "lab-report" made me do so. Thank you for that! ^^

  2. Hi Copepod,

    thanks! I appreciate your nickname^^. I can only imagine your face... totally worth it!!Love,

  3. Great idea! I love the colour of the Chanel nail polish!



  4. Okay I suck at anything DIY but omg, I love Jade so much! You did a really great job there :)

  5. I can't wait to try this! Right now there is about three feet of snow on the ground in DC so I guess my DIY attempt will have to wait until next week. Thanks for the info!

  6. I love this DIY! Such a pretty color. I fell in love with the dark green color by OPI featured in Lucky magazine. It looked almost black on my nails, this color is definately green, wich I love.

    Found this post via faboulous finds girl!

  7. I can not wait to try! Wait until next week to try to DIY, so I guess there is now a DC ground of the snow three feet. Thank you for the information!

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    Lilly Rose