March 25, 2010

Extraordinary Jewellery at Nerdbirds

I have a definite weakness for special jewellery pieces! So here are my favourite choices from the Online Shop Nerdbirds. Every fashionista can find unique picks to suit her individual style. My top 3:
  • Bird Cage necklace
  • Strawberry necklace
  • Snow Flake earrings
I am still fighting against my cold with like a thousand cups of tea (this gives a real experience about a crazy "tea party" - you know what I am talking about...). Tomorrow will be great: finally I'll hand in my long-prepared assignment and meet with KV to go shopping...erhm, I mean to drink coffee (seriously, my wallet is stitched up momentarily and not going to be opened for any (fashion-related) reason). So, tea anyone?
Cordially, your

PS: Please note that this is an unpaid post. I am sharing this because I adore their jewellery.


  1. how cute are they, my friend was looking for earrings like angel wings can pass on the details to her

  2. ich. will. den. vogelkäfig. sofort.

  3. Very pretty stuff- thanks for sharing. Happy friday. :)


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