March 23, 2010

Fashion Rules for Business Women

This post is dedicated to Nicki, who is in trouble finding a good business outfit. Blazers are potentially the best choice, as well as blouses or elegant cardigans (Purchased one of the items above, have a guess :D).

Here are a the major fashion rules for business women:
  • Business Fashion Rule No.1: Cover your shoulders and arms at least down to the elbow.
  • Don't wear a deep décolleté.
  • Skirts have to reach the knees at least.
  • No fancy colours (orange, green, pink...) until you work in the creativity section of a advert agency.
  • Most business-like colours: dark blue and dark grey (found out in a recent study!)
  • No glitzering/long jewellery. This distracts everyone looking at you.
  • Do not play around with your jewellery (ring! bracelet!) - this is tough for me, too.
  • Never take your shoes off in meetings. Never. (Don't frown at me, I've seen this already).
  • Wear always (at least thin) tights. Do not walk around with bare legs in the office.
  • No extreme nail polish or make-up... natural beauty and understatement rule.
  • Okay, that's not a fashion rule, but: Don't smile permanently at people in order to make them like you. You don't have to. Be polite still, but think of the cat from Alice in Wonderland: It's frightening and reduces the respect others have to you.
  • These rules also apply in summer. High temperatures are a no excuse, really.
It sounds strict. But these rules help you to find your own approach towards business style. This collage was created on the highly practical H&M Style Guide Tool - love to play around with that (and you have to bear with the outcome, haha). I can't believe that I ordered twice from my favourite Swedish fashion dealer within five weeks. Is this a sign that I am already addictive?
Here is more inspiration on business fashion ideas:



  1. I want to wear everything in set #3 right now!

  2. Great tips and I love the looks that you chose!


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