March 23, 2010

Rocking the shoe exhibition

"I should not have tried. These shoes seemed killers from the beginning. I should have wondered when HJ already tripped over in them. Didn't help. Lilly - trying to survive the catwalk in one piece...".
Those plateau heels seem to come from an ancient Asian culture! Here are the pics from our visit to the shoe exhibition (shoes through times and ages). At the end there was a catwalk (with a cool screen playing fashion show videos), where visitors could try on all sorts of shoes. And I had to try them out - bad idea, very bad. I pity all professional models. Walking in heels is difficult enough, if they are your size already. Imagine walking, when you slip out of the shoe or its to small for you...this is pure horror.

Whoops, my hair did seriously grow long. Did not realize until I saw that photo.

I am changing between contact lenses and glasses (in case you wonder). Close-up on those strange shoes!
Lilly wears: pullover+cardi vintage, shorts hm, tights+earrings ca, ring+overknees six, necklace primark, shoes from the museum.

Yaay! Thats from left to right: C. , HJ and Lilly. Heart the shoes!!

Snake pumps - oh lá lá!

And HJ's favourites. (Cute pose!)

Something must have gone wrong the last days. Due to the sudden weather change, I somehow got a cold. Now I am fighting against it in order to keep working....snoozee. So not fair. Everyone outside walks around in ballet flats and without jacket and I have to stay inside or wear a thick shawl and a winter jacket when I go out - like a total freak!! :/
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  1. Ist ja toll, dass man mal Probelaufen konnte :)... sieht ja wirklich gefährlich aus.

    Hihi spätestens wenn man sich den fast lebensgroßen Anker am Goldkettchen um den Hals hängt hört's auch bei mir auf ;).

  2. great post girlie. love the blog. and thanks for the H + M home heads up!!!!!


  3. Ich war letzten Sommer auch bei der Schuhtickausstellung, allerdings in Herten (Ruhrgebiet). Wo ist die momentan?


  4. Hoffe dir gehts bald wieder besser.
    Tolle Schuhe!!!! Und die Strümpfe von HJ finde ich echt klasse!!


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