May 15, 2010

~ Come Along with Me ~

After nearly six weeks, I feel really that I started living here a normal daily life^^! So are you ready to join me for a short ride through my city? Come along with me and discover...

Growing next to my office♥. A red hibiscus.

The beach for tourists and parties =). The harbour is behind it.

A small palm tree forest (the only known form of a forest here!).

One of the 24h supermarkets - very convenient, when all other stores are closed on shabat.

The mountains. I'd love to go hiking, but the season is already over. Now it's too hot to move outside! O.O

Bars and restaurants for big nights out^^.

This evening, I'll take the 6 p.m. bus to travel to the city where my friend lives. Tomorrow morning, we are heading to Yerushalaim (Jerusalem), the first stop of our Road Trip. We are going to explore the city for three days and I am sooo looking forward to see everything!
Love and bye for now,


  1. I'm so jellous ;)In Spain is such a bad weather right now^^

  2. Hi Lilly! ^^
    It's a nice city! ^o^
    I hope do you have a nice day and week. The beach it's really beautiful!

    Bye~ :3

  3. What wonderful photos. I especially love the close-up of the hibiscus! Your town is quite different from my cow-town. Thanks so much for sharing


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