May 27, 2010

Road Trip: First Day in Jerusalem

Hi =)

I am finally back from the streets of Israel from our big Road Trip. Our first stop was the Holy City: Jerusalem! We spent three exciting days there and I cannot say what impressed me more: the Old City, the crazy traffic, the shops, the people?! It is an amazing mixture of history, religion and different cultures. A mixture which derives from the heart of the city: the Old City of Jerusalem. Divided into four quarters (the Christian, the Jewish, the Armenian and the Muslim quarter) and thriving with life, it had to be our first destination!

In the video, I am standing right in front of the main entrance area - the Jaffa Gate. Behind it lay all the secrets and sanctuaries that so substantially influenced the world as we know it today.

The stones beneath my feet are 2000 years old. They are slippery from the centuries. (I tripped over three times...).

Oriental bracelets in the markets on the side-streets of the Old City.

The shiny Dome of the Rocks. We'd love to enter but did not find it open for Non-Muslim visitors. Such a pity =(.

Delicate flowers on a roof top.

An arcade in the Armenian quarters.

Properly dressed in Jerusalem =). The dress is borrowed from H., she bought it in South Africa. Just the right thing to deal with the dry heat! My Mam bought me the black scarf. Sun glasses are obligatory.

Yaay, of course my favourite new necklace had to come along!

In the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (by the way the most important Christian Church): Candles next to Golgatha...the place where Jesus was crucified and died. People queue up here to pray and cry and/or take pictures. I'd like to respect them, therefore I generally never took photos of praying people (regardless of which religion).

The window over Jesus' tomb. Amazing light ray infall =). On a side note: The key to the Holy Sepulchre is (traditionally) owned by a Muslim family, to prevent any arguments between the Christian communities who have access and responsibilities in the Church.

Our small travel group was made up of four people: H., T., Y. and Lilly. Above is T., in a similar outfit than mine (very modest). Her skirt is from India^^. The red guy just happened to stand there, lol. Before this trip I never considered travelling in a dress or a skirt convenient, but I found myself surprised how well it works with the hot climate.

More from our road adventures soon^^. Back home since Monday, I was overly busy with all work-stuff and everyone wanted to hear about my trip, so I am still in the process of catching up to the recent events offline and online. Love,


  1. Hi Lilly !

    Das sind echt tolle Bilder die du gemacht hast ! Wie reist ihr eigentlich im Land hin und her ? Alles per Bus ? Israel ist bestimmt faszinierend mit den Kulturen, die dort vereinen. Ist der Felsendom den generell nur für Moslems zugänglich oder wechseln sich die Religionen jeden Tag oder Woche ab ? Er ist ja schließlich eine wichtige Kultstätte für mehrere Glaubensrichtungen.
    Ich hoffe, du hast auf deiner Erkundungstour eine Menge Spaß gehabt. Auf den Fotos siehst du jedenfalls richtig glücklich aus. (Und Farbe hast du bekommen !)

    lg, Cop

  2. Wow, those bangles are just gorgeous!

  3. Hey =)

    Ich lass auch mal wieder was von mir hören ;)
    Klingt echt spannend, was du da auf deinem roadtrip erlebt hast.
    Und OMG was für eine Sonnenbrille Oo

    Ich hoffe, dass ich es auch bald schaffe, mich per Mail zu melden ;)

    Liebe Grüße

  4. das kleid hab ich schon vor einer weile gekauft, aber ich meine es noch öfter in letzter zeit gesehen zu haben :)

  5. those are some cute bangles! lovely photos!


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