June 8, 2010

The Bazaar: Roses, Jewellery and Strawberrys

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You see those insanely delicious strawberries here? I bought one kilo (!!) for 1 Euro♥. You get bargains like that on one of the many (oriental) bazaars we visited all throughout Israel! Here are my favourite impressions. In Jerusalem, there were the Shouks in the Old City and the Mehane Yehuda were all the traditional people buy food for shabat. And of course there are the shopping streets in the city centers.
Bazaars are so great! I love the chaos, the people, the many different smells that mingle with each other, so many exotic products and fabrics! The atmosphere is often less touristic, because of all the normal citizens buying there. Imagine the shop owners shouting their offering of the day and the attempt to fight the prices of their neighbours. And there are clothes hanging above you (you never know where to look first, it is just overwhelming!!). Birds in small cages, schoolchildren, stray cats...people playing old board games, women chatting^^.

My favourite fruits (they look like rubies here!).

View into one of the small Shouk Streets.

Adorable jewellery boxes!

Wide range of choices for the religious customers.

Spices, spices, spices.

Fresh flowers, waiting for happy owners.

The City Center of Jerusalem (there was a rock concert that evening).

One day I ate so many pastries that I felt sick afterwards... I am so silly. The next day I went back to buy more.

We have a really though work project at the moment and I cannot promise to blog daily for the next few weeks. I hope to manage every 3-4 days (hopefully that's OK for you!^^). See you again soon and stay tuned for more adventures from the Middle East (including a small puppy dog♥). Love,

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