June 18, 2010

High Seas at Rosh Hanikra

It was a perfectly sunny day at the Mediterranean coast: We arrived at Rosh Hanikra during our Road Trip through Israel one afternoon. Rosh Hanikra lays in the very North at the boarder to Lebanon. It is famous for its grottos: during storms or high seas the waves crash into caves at the cliff - spectactular! We luckily catched high seas and experienced the grottos at their best!! =) (And of course we got splashed with sea water a lot!).

View over the coast line next to Rosh Hanikra. WOW!!

A small cable car brings people down the cliff to the grottos.

Seriously bleached hair - and new jewellery^^: pearl creoles and frog necklace from Jerusalem.

Waves crashing against the rocks!! Huuu =). Inside the caves the day light can be completely blocked out with a big wave rolling in! Some of the paths and tunnels inside the rocks were closed because they already got to slippery to walk on them savely!

Found this ring at the Old City Bazaar in Akko!

After Rosh Hanikra we drove to the mountains and had a dinner picnic on the rocks and watched the sunset^^. You can see classical Israel food here: Lebone (white sour cheese), salad, more cheese and bread as thin as skin.

This evening somebody special literally crossed our way! Galilas whole story soon^^.

The work project is finally over! All in all it went pretty well and there will be some follow-up work with it still, but generally I will have more time from tomorrow onwards =). Great weekend to you all and cordial greetings from Israel!! Love,


  1. Wow das erste Bild ist ja traumhaft!
    Und den Ring finde ich auch sehr niedlich =)

  2. Das sind ja echt geniale Landschaftsszenen ! Sieht aber wirklich nach einer Mordsbrandung aus. Gut dass du bei der Grottenbesichtigung nicht weggespült worden bist ^^ Du hast nicht zufällig auch eine kleine Mönchsrobbenfamilie entdecken können oder ?

    Schön zu hören, dass du jetzt auch wieder etwas meh Freizeit zum entspannen hast. Gehts es denn jetzt nochmal in den Norden ?

    lg, Cop

  3. Ohhh.... Was für ein süßer Hund!!!!
    Total niedlich!!!
    Der Ring ist auch toll.


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