June 19, 2010

Inspiration from the Fashion Studio

Did you have those paper dolls in your childhood? The ones you can cut out clothes for and dress them up for every occassion?? I had a lot of fun with them when I was little, so it's not surprising that I highly enjoy to play around with H&M's Fashion Studio... This time I discovered the portrait function^^:

My favourite items styled together in three outfits:

1) Let's hit the city =)

2) Let's go to the open air theatre play

3) Saturday afternoon Latte Macchiato

Which one do you like best?! The autumn/winter catalogue will be published at the end of July and I am curious what's up for the next season... By the way, I have my first free day since what feels like forever (in Israel, only Saturday is usually free from work). Still, there is some household chores waiting, a lot of emails and other stuff... And there is going to be a small beach party tonight with some of my friends =)) Yaaay!!
Lots of Love,


  1. Der ist von Rimmel.
    Und Nummer 1 finde ich am besten. Die Clutch auf den anderen beiden Bildern finde ich außerdem ziemlich hässlich ;)

  2. I loved paper dolls growing up ~ Polyvore is my adult version of paper dolls! Great blog! ~Debby xo

  3. I like the first outfit very much. Great idea :)


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