June 4, 2010

Picnic in Caesarea

On the Road again... Now we are driving north along the coast and pass Tel Aviv and Haifa on our way. After a few hours, we reach the ancient port of King Herod: Caesarea! Directly connecting his kingdom to the Mediterranean Sea, it is an amazing old (archaeological) city with even a palace, bath houses and an huge amphitheatre. There were even a few actors enacting the times of King Herod. We roamed through the ruins and imagined life 2000 years ago here! Later we had a picnic on the rocks, enjoying the breath-taking scenery and the fresh vegetables.

Our picnic place =).

A typical meadow in the dry and hot climate there.

View over the southern storage facilities in Caesarea.

The wooden stairs were build for the visitors of course (else they would have to climb around the ruins, not such a good idea). Here are my lovely T. and H.!♥♥

Hidden between the rocks. Look at those fleashy leaves! They store water for the flower (after 2 months I saw it raining here exactly one time!! Imagine!).

More from Caesarea.

I will try to have a calm evening today, in order to prepare for the upcoming workload the next weeks! At least I will fill the fridge with delicious food and go swimming as often as I can! I hope you guys are well and the fashionistas among you have the possibility to pull their new flower print dresses out of the closet with the first summer days! You wanna know what I really miss right now? It's actually hilarious: a few German/English glossy magazines to flip through. My town is so small, I could not find anything else than stuff in Hebrew... so it means more style blogs then I guess?!♥ Haha.

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  1. Hello Lilly,

    Thank you for visiting my blog again. Caesarea looks like such a lovely place. You are fortunate to be able to see such a place first hand.

    Thank you again,
    Lady Kristen


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