July 24, 2010

Autumn Favourites at H&M 2010

Classic Grey Coat, 50 Euro.

Summer is still at its best, but H&M already provides hungry fashionistas with new inspiration for the autumn season. My favourites this year? An outfit that combines caramel, ferrari red and black together. The red blouse and the long cardigan are my most favoured picks^^. And I started to consider buying the black hat... not that I specifically like hats (aside from the small French berets I own), but I feel in the mood for some fashion experiments ... *Cough, cough*, I already apologize to my friends in advance, lol^^. Here's what I like best so far:

No.1 - Red Blouse with ruffles, 20 Euro. ♥♥♥

No.2 - Elegant Chiffon Dress, 30 Euro.

No.3 - Classical Shopper, 2o Euro.

No.4 - Pearl Hair Jewellery, 5 Euro.

No. 5 - Long Caramel Cardigan, 20 Euro. ♥♥♥

No.6 - Black Hat, 8 Euro.

Something you fancy?! Can't wait to check out the rest in the new autumn catalogue that is (hopefully) waiting for me at home in Germany. After 4 months of constant summer ... rain, fog and a cloudy sky seem nothing more than a distant memory, like something from a dream that you have nearly already forgotten about...More soon ♥. Love,

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