April 30, 2010

Impressions from Work ♥

Everything you need to survive on a hot work day:
Coffee and strawberries!

This is my office ♥ (I am serious!). When I get inside, it feels like stepping into a fridge. No idea who left the boat there. Captain Sparrow?

It's too hot to walk barefooted. Do you agree that these shoes were the best investion? You walk in them like on a piece of butter.

Favourite time of the day? Running along the Pier after work and jumping into the sea with a loud scream!! Waaahh!

Creativity Rules! My colleague T. did this last week. Imagine her sitting in the middle of it!

Today the sky is surprisingly cloudy. This evening there is going to be another work beach barbecue. I have to prepare salad and go out to buy bread and meat! All the best to you and have a wonderful weekend! :-*

By the way, how do you like the new header?!


Accessorize Lookbook SS 2010

This bikini is a dream!

A little much jewellery for a comfortable beach outfit, but who cares...

How cute is this car! We want!!!

Can I please have one of these perfect bags?

I went to my first Accessorize store in Athen/Greece. Since them I am enamored with their multi-coloured designs for jewellery, bags and clothes. The only reason why I don't buy their stores empty is the in comparison high price range! But looking is for free^^. Their summer lookbook just had to be posted! The atmosphere is really happy-go-lucky. There is also a Accessorize store here in our mall. Last time I got there with D. and we found a cute anchor necklace for her!

Image Source: Instyle.co.uk

April 29, 2010

I just saw wild dolphins...yeah!!


Today we had a major event here: Dolphins in the bay! And not just a few... a whole school with about 50 wild animals! People got excited like crazy, rushed to the shore and tried to catch a glimpse of this rare happening. Soon all boats along the coast were filled and out on their way to the sea! Of course the dolphins were shy and stayed away from the boats. I was in the middle of work, but was allowed to run outside with the others (a little late, though...). I saw them on their way back to the open ocean through borrowed field glasses at the horizon. Amazing!!! Can you imagine the excitement and the happy people everywhere? (Sorry no photos, they were to far away and my camera left in the office.)


Please meet Esmée Denters! This girl has the most amazing voice! Just discovered her and my favourite songs are "Outta Here" and "Gravity". She is from Holland and became famous through her webcam videos on Youtube, where she recorded herself singing. Justin Timberlake offered her a contract in his own record label. I love her! Check out the video! (By the way, I want this navy blue romper!!). Isn't she incredulously cute?

Esmée Denters Album (Source).

I keep singing the new songs!! Yaay! (My poor roommates, haha).

April 27, 2010

Missing my family right now =(

Two of my brothers and my cute sister.

Part of the hardships living abroad, is that the time at home is not standing still. Everyone is busy living their lifes and you are just not there to see things happen. Last Sunday there was a big family celebration for one of my cousins and I just got these beautiful photos from my uncle. It made me realize how much I would have liked to be there with them!

Here is my third brother! =)

Hey, my lovelies! I really miss you. Last night a dreamed that I would see you. That was great^^. Hope to see you soon after I get back, okay?

At first I did not recognize my sister...lol. She experiments with her hair quite often.

And of course I miss my friends. It feels weird not to meet them like I am used to. Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful day! Now I am going to prepare lunch!

April 26, 2010

What I'd order right now to complete the summer

Seen by H&M Online

Yesterday I did something very wrong... checking Online Shops while I am out of their delivery range is a modern way to torture girls. And of course there where some striking pieces, which I'd love to get... Now the only joy left is looking at them. Please, if one of my friends at home sees the pink butterfly clip (2 Euro) at H&M, please, please get it for me!!
The light blue blouse with the sleeves would be perfect for working outside here. Already have a similar model, but left it at home, because I figured it would be too warm! Geeeez.

Seen by the Vintage Shop FKids.

And the beautiful blossoming bushes in front of our house:

I feel like I have to do some serious real window shopping. Fashion-addicted, I admit it. And still no wedding dress in sight! See you^^

April 25, 2010

Lilly on an urgent Fashion Mission

My mission: Find a wedding dress! I mean: a wedding party dress. Just got the invitation from my colleague M. and checked my suitcase: The only chic dress I have with me reaches to the floor and is white! Bad. Very bad. Superbad. I have like a million dresses for such occasions, but guess where - at home in Europe! In a desperate mission to find something which is not going to ruin my travel budget profoundly, I went to an Israeli brand called 'Golf'. Here is what I found:

I like the colour, reminds me of plum cake in autumn. My roommate D. loves it, she is crazy about everything violett.

Green like an emerald. Makes me think of fairy tales in the woods. (Makes me look fat?!)
Any suggestions, ladies? Which one would you prefer or should I keep looking?
The view from our balcony:
(normally you can see also the sea and the mountains...strange weather conditions in this case)
I love to sit outside for breakfast! (Enough green, Diane?)

On an (embarassing) sidenote: During lunch, I dropped nearly the whole content of my pitta bread all over me and my legs: White, salty cream cheese and tomatoes. Luckily nobody commented, but I felt really like I am not able to eat properly. What a food accident!
More news coming soon. Love,

PS.: This is the first shopping/fashion-related post this month... -.-

April 24, 2010

La Cucaracha Ai Ai Ai!

~ May I introduce our unpopular roomates? Get to know Freddy and his family! ~ (scroll down)

This is my apartment: We have three rooms, a kitchen and a tiny balcony. Each room is intended for two girls, but at the moment we are only three. So I am happy to have my own room. Okay, I apologize in advance to the ladies from the interior design blogs: this is all I got and I made the best of it!

This is my wardrobe. Yees, the doors are broken. The orange book is a forgotten Hebrew dictionary I found! The pink laundry basket is a pleasant luxury I just bought here.

Most of the time I use only a pure blanket as cover (except the Aircon gets too cold). On the shelves are my papaya bodylotion^^ and all my reading stuff. I need an adapter to charge my cell and the camera, cause the electricity plugs are different.

Two nails in the wall - taken over by me to store my necklaces and bracelets (below is my desk). Nice, hmmm? Did you spy all the magazine outcuts/editorials everywhere? The girls tease me about them, but it makes this room more me. With some creativity and improvisation, you can make every place comfortable, oui?

A warning: Now some of you have to be very, very strong
(or just close your eyes!):

This is Freddy.

I found him when I innocently wanted to do the dishes and put my hand into the sink and....yiieeeks. After a few shocked seconds (he's about 5 cm!) I got the camera, before I threw him out. Freddy was the first of five. In two weeks! I should seriously stop counting!!!!

How do you like my place? It never becomes boring, I assure you. When one of the girls screams, I am anytime ready to run to the "scene of crime", with a serious and focused look in my eyes and a self-developed catching-cage in my right hand, built out of a plastik box where you get tomatoes in from the supermarket.

Any ideas for more home style? Actually I thought about some artificial flowers...maybe lilys? If wished, I can post pics from our kitchen and the living room also.
Love and see you soon,

PS: I just got informed that the second light bulb suddenly broke down. Now there is no light in two rooms and I'll put 'bulbs' on top of my to-do-list for tomorrow. Oh happy day :D

April 22, 2010

Playing with Light and Dark

Lilly wears: Dress+shoes hm, leggins esprit, bag tally weijl, pullover mark&spencer, necklace vintage.
(The pink camera in use, horray!!)

Yay! I wore this outfit on a night out with my Israeli friends (which are also my work colleagues^^). We went to a new bar associated with a big hotel. Good for us that it's still new, because there were just a few other people there - and we kind of took over this place. (We were like twenty people?) Haha.

This memorial (?) piece of art is located outside the Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport.

The lights at the horizon are beyond the Israeli border! They belong to Jordan! I like the view.

I found this beautiful chandelier in D.'s gym/fitness studio (lol).

I have to admit that I am still amazed about the day/night change here. From completely bright in one moment, the darkness falls within (that's my feeling) 15 Minutes...Happened to me when I tried to walk another way home than the usual, which resulted in me getting lost somewhere in dark and unknown streets, surrounded by about ten to twelve stray cats...*yieeeks*. Can't remember exactly how I got home from then.

Another thing, which "hunts" me is the fact that Israeli women are crazy about nail polish. They accumulate new colours like ordinary pens. And you know what? I left my stuff in Germany, because I assumed that it would be pointless to maintain, as the salt water keeps destroying it. Now I feel like an idiot. Okay, I could just go and buy new ones, but this feels really odd to me, having in mind that a whole set of my favourite colours is waiting untouched at home. Anyways, I'll just have to bear with it - and concentrate on buying earrings!
Love and see you soon,

April 21, 2010

The Kingdom of the Lionfish

A pair of lionfish (Source).

WOW! That was a surprising encounter. After work I often take the time to go snorkeling over the coral reefs here. My wish to find a (rare) lionfish was finally fulfilled yesterday afternoon: I swam to my favourite place on the reef: a small cleaning station. Fishes of all sizes and colours swim there to have any parasites removed from their bodies by smaller cleaning fishes. So there is always a lot of action going on at this spot.

At first I wasn't sure and dived closer: But it was a beautiful lionfish for sure! After I caught my breath again, I went down more times and found out that he was not alone: He had the company of two other lionfishes! I was so excited that I swallowed a lot of sea water and had to force myself to breathe normally. They did not feel disturbed by me at all and I could take my time to look at them closely. I got so close that I could have touched them (which I did not of course). They are just as beautiful as I imagined them to be!

A white moray lurking under a coral-covered rock. (Source)

Another (at first frightening) encounter: I saw a long white moray eel moving over the sea floor (at least 1 m!), trying to hide himself in the cracks and crevices of the reef. Lucky me it wasn't a sea snake (lol).

A sea cucumber, surrounded by curious Anemone fishes. (Source)

And those creatures also are a little alien to me: Black holothurians (sea cucumber)! I dived very closely to them, but how can you guess that you deal with a living organism? They are not moving at all! And heaven they are big! I also saw anemonefishes, close to their host anemone (now everyone: "Neeemo!!"). Haha. More about my underwater adventures soon. :D

April 20, 2010

I'll give you 1000 Camels for this Girl

Beautiful lanterns at a traditional restaurant.

Kitchen under the open sky. (Me, looking like a tourist!!)

One of the many flowers at my work's garden.

You see the man in the second photo? I went to his restaurant with my friend D. and after a brief introduction, he asked her to sell me to him. He offered 1000 camels and promised that I would live in a villa and have a Volvo. What a strange idea! Sometimes I nearly forget that I am in the Middle East and such thing is not as unusual than it is in Europe. Lucky me, D. refused and took me home again. The food was - by the way- delicious!

A similar situation happened two days ago, when I was walking through the city with a male work colleague. A man stopped us, pointed at me and asked him with a serious voice: "Is this your wife? No? - Okay, then how much do you want for her?".... I was terrified and hoped that my colleague would set him right instantly. But No: They actually started to negotiate about my price, until I became mad and walked away alone...

Seriously, I have no idea what's up here with the guys. Do I look like some kind of souvenir?? Anyways, I should feel honoured (at least a bit) by the first offer. The girls told me that 1000 camels is a very high price for a girl. (As if that would set my mind at peace!). Today is the Independence Day in Israel, so we are not working. Later there will be a big barbecue from work at the beach and me and the girls will join them!

April 19, 2010

Paint me with the Colours of the Rainbow!

You can guess from the pictures so far that my new home is either sandy/brown (like the mountains) or clear blue (like the sea and the sky). Luckily, I found several views in between which really enchanted my heart... So today I am happy to show you some of my most favourite photos.

Those sweets are openly sold in the closest supermarket to my home. When I see them I feel like in candy wonderland! Heehee.

I saw this advert at the airport. My reading skills are improving, but I am still not sure what they are promoting :D.

Those beautiful baloons are sold here everywhere! And it's so lovely: People buy them when they fetch somebody from the airport or from the main busstation. Yaay!!!

The cute plushies were sold in Tel Aviv.

Now I need to hurry a little bit. This evening (today was the Memorial Day for Dead Soldiers and tomorrow is the Independence Day, which are both official holidays) several girls are invited to our apartment and D. , H. and I will give our best to cook a delicious meal! Afterwards, we are all going out together^^!! I wish your lifes contain as many different colours as this post, ok?