August 23, 2010

Hide Away in the Flower Tree

Lilly trying to camouflage in the magnificent flower tree with her new print romper from Jerusalem.

Well hidden like a panther =) (or so I wish). Okay, at least I tried.

Climbing down is another matter...huh!
(romper jerusalem, sunglasses+bracelets nazareth, ring six, earrings madonna)


I got back onto the flower tree during the night to sit between the softly swaying branches and gaze dreamily into the stars... =).


Look what I found in Jerusalem - Topshop yaaay!!! First time visiting one of their stores!

Pretty stylish girl, seen in Jerusalem.

Shooting (outfit) pictures while sitting in a tree is something I have to try again. It's kind of funny when you pretend to manage sitting on swaying branches, all the time avoiding to fall down. =)

Rolling in Black Mud at the Dead Sea

400 meters below the average sea level: the last stop of our road trip through all of Israel was the famous "Sea of Death" - or Dead Sea - the deepest hypersaline lake in the world! After visiting Masada, we seeked for a refreshment and went to one of the Dead Sea's beaches (beware of sinkholes!) to jump into the supersalty water...(the water was warm like a baby's bathtub, so far for the refreshment, lol).

Lilly, completely covered in black mud, enjoying the Dead Sea. (Washing that stuff off is another story *sigh*).

Very creepy experience (later funny): The high salt content (~ 34%) keeps you easily afloat. Swimming is not really possible, because the "water" is very thick. Never duck your head under, it literally burns your eyes out (not that I tried or something). Why the shoes? Well, you have to walk in and the underground nearly scratched our soles.

The shore of the Dead Sea (lonely beach^^).

Bizarre salt formations at the shore (try to walk on that!).

Rather typical Israeli breakfast: you realize something?? Yes, half of it is salad and vegetables. (That ratio also accounts for the rest of the diet here O-o).

Flower tree in En Gedi - I had to climb it!! (and I did, haha).


End of my Israel Road Trip =) I hope you enjoyed the travel report!


August 20, 2010

It's a love story, baby just say yes!

Summer, Love, Italy - best ingredients for the new film starring Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave in "Letters to Juliet" (2010). The soundtrack contains my new favourite song, which is playing non-stop at my home: "Love Story" by US star Taylor Swift. Listen to this song, jump around your room and feel happy^^ - summer, the best time of the year! (And I assume the movie is supercute and worth a visit, too). It's a love story, baby just say... YES!

The Song:
(most adorable music video ever! The dress is awesome!!)

The Movie Trailer:

Love, (still singing and jumping)

August 19, 2010

Medieval Fantasy Earrings by Vintouch

No end to shopping tipps this week -haha^^. But you'll agree at the sight of those handmade pieces of jewellery that they are something special! Found in the (private) Online Shop Vintouch - handmade and inspired by medieval artwork. Prices are reasonable! Below my shop favourites:

Flower design with coloured pearls.

Blue and gold - is there a better combination? The symbols at the pendants look mysterious.

A little more oriental: hearts and pearls.


Anything more? Yeah, I am quite annoyed with G**gle right now. When I logged into my blogger account this morning, they asked for my phone number to 'restore' my blog in case of sudden data loss. What a ploy - just yesterday I read that they are focusing now on collecting cell phone data from people and that they are already able to locate you/your phone via the number. I am really unhappy with this (and did not give my number of course). Don't give yours if they ask! With the whole G**gle Street View thing going on, I am trying to get away from them as far as possible - which primarily means changing the search engine and reduced use of my g**glemail email adress. They are crossing the limit with their schemes...

August 18, 2010

Do you like the new shirt dress by Haburi?

I stumbled upon this dress on Anna's Blog and found out that it is available over Haburi (brand: Herrlicher) for 64,90 Euro. In my opinion an interesting idea, but the price is definitely too high for my budget - so I keep telling myself that it looks like a giant undershirt, lol^^. What do you think - hot or not? Love,

August 17, 2010

Best Deals at Forever21

After a one week net absence due to serious laptop issues, I am finally back to blogging. For today? The best deals at Forever 21 (hurry up, some of it already in sale!). I love...

...this nerdy tshirt!! The shoes are my most favourite pick^^. (How adorable is that baby chicken?)

And how sweet is that?? Cupcake key caps =). The pink lamé sport bag is a pick for my special friend KMC (you rock, honey!).

A cascade of lace dress and earrings from 1001 nights... what do we need more?!

Always in search of the latest stylish pieces! ;)

August 4, 2010

Royal Desert Fortress: Masada

Road through the desert.

Driving to the South of Israel, the scenery changed drastically, as we made our way into the desert of the Negev. Last stop on our big road trip through Israel, we drove to the Dead Sea. Hills of sand and rocks surrounded us for hours and no green far and wide.

Short driving break. Practical outfit: shirt new yorker, shorts hm, sandals keen, sunglasses nazareth, bracelet hm, fish necklace zafed.

Food to survive the long drive: Super yummy cookies from a bakery^^.

Plan for the day was the desert fortress Masada, a national sanctury to the Israelis. It is located on top of a plateau cliff and you have to either walk up (not during the day!!! HOT.) or get up there by cable car.

King Herod built this fortress and he made it quite splendid: there are several palaces and store houses, a clever water system and even a sort of ancient thermal wellness spa.

Great view over the Dead Sea!!

Ruins from the ancient buildings on top of the cliff. Masada is a highly frequented spot of touristic interest. Despite the effects of an earthquake on the fortress, the desert climate keeps the ruins in a good condition.

Leftovers from inhabitants of the royal fortress: ~ 2,000 years old. They also had quite amazing (gold and silver) jewellery in the museum. The vials and bottles in the picture were used for --- Make Up!!! Believe it or not.

The story behind Masadas importance

Actually, Masada is famous for a very sad incidence that happened long after King Herod left the castle. The Romans invaded the country and the only resistance gathered at the old castle: Jewish rebels. The Romans tried to take the castle by military force, which is not an easy task, because the fortress is in on top of a remote cliff. (The leftovers of the Romans' military camps are still visible around Masada today!). The night before the Romans were about to finally break into the castle and presumably enslave all the rebels and their families, the leader of the rebels held a very passionate speech with the result that he claimed it would be more noble to die instead of becoming Roman slaves.
He chose nine other men (it is said that they drew lots) and they proceeded to kill all the 2,000 people in the fortress: their wives, children, relatives, everyone. Finally, one of the ten men got chosen to kill the other nine men. After he did that, he commited suicide.
The Romans took the castle on the next day and they were left speechless about the massacre they found inside. It is said in the historical record that only two women and three children survived, because they successfully hid in a small cave. Nowadays, Masada is a national symbol for Jewish resistance against oppression. In fact, the picture in the museum shows belongings that were left from the rebels. They also found shoes, braids of hair and children toys, as well as food. I could'nt help it... when I stood there, looking at all those things, I cried my heart out... What a terribly sad story.

August 3, 2010

Top 6 Picks at Topshop this month

Best 3 Rings at Topshop: Butterfly is ♥♥♥.

Rings are my latest obsession...bought around ten here in Israel?! My three favourites currently at UK Topshop are the blue butterfly, the crown and the golden bug. What else catched my eye is below. What do you think of those black booties? Wanna wear them in autumn soon =) (or so I wish, haha). I agree that the bird cage earrings are rather excentric, but also terribly adorable!! X3

Hippie Summer dress - glamorous^^.

Look at those babies!! Waah! [Black Booties]

Bird cage earrings - crazy, but cool.

Just had three pieces of chocolate cake and now my stomach hurts... should have known better :[ Love,

August 2, 2010

Sand of Time

Actually, I don't feel like an outfit post today... due to the severe bombings this morning in Israel. Everyone around me is acting like nothing happened, but I feel confused and uneasy about it. Now I keep receiving emails from Germany, pleading me to come home. So, you see, even if you are in paradise... nothing is as perfect as it seems. I try to concentrate on work for now and hope that I can spend the rest of my time here in peace.

Lace dress from a local store, leggins primark, (non-matching) flipflops noname.

The flowers around the plam tree are (together with hibiscus) the only flowers that grow well in the desert climate here.

We went out that evening to my favourite coffeeplace at the beach (so, no high heels^^).

Close-up on the jewellery: from a local market.

All the best for you! Keep in mind that we cannot value peace high enough. Even if your Monday morning seems boring, there are many places in the world, where people would be happy to have a boring Monday...